Re-using your deaths to complete a level

While working on the game, we added corpses to mark the places where the player died (you keep respawning in the same level until you complete it). Then we told ourselves that it would be nice to interract with theses bodies. Like jumping on floating bodies to get pass an acid lake. It means that you need to die a certain number of times and it will impact your score but you get rid of the obstacle.

I don’t want to make it mandatory to complete a level, but I think it is nice to have alternative ways to achieving your goal. What do you think about this “feature” ? read more

Version 0.24 BETA just got released on

Hi everyone, we are happy to announce that after 8 weeks of hard work we just released version 0.24 of our beta game.

– A intro video (still WIP) is bundled with the game.
– We just introduced the story mode along 11 new levels.
– Online scoreboards are now ready.
– A $@#$ton of bugs have been fixed.

Also we do not accept participants for the beta anymore. We wish to thank everyone who is participating to the success of this game.

Closed beta started

We want to thanks everyone who opted into our closed beta. We have plenty of people that want to test our game but we also have lot of work because this require some planning from our part 🙂

Anyway, in the meantime, here is a small ingame video from a level we made in 20 minutes.

Code overhaul completed

As the game evolves (2-3 years), It was required to port/cleanup most of the game code and makes everything easier to manage. This was a major undertaking but it’s now finished. Next time I will talk about new features 🙂

Note: I also added post-processing effects to the game.