Infinitrap 1.0.4 just released!

This version contains a lot of changes. In order to offer a pleasant experience even for more casual players. For example, the character can now hang from the edges instead of falling (when possible). Also, if he gets hit by a projectile, he loses his coins instead of dying instantly. For those who prefer a bigger challenge, the “hardcore” difficulty mode disables these changes.

We wish you a lot of fun 🙂

Complete changelog:

Features / changes:

– You can now grab ledges instead of falling for the first 2 difficulty modes.
– No more insta-death if you have coins, for the first 2 difficulty modes too.
– Scoreboard calculation have changed.
– Scoreboard resetted for campaign dungeons.
– Checkpoints now store keys and coins.
– Crystal skull resets death count.
– Updated run animations.
– Increased range for slide-jumps.
– Vertical jumping is now more forgiving. read more

20 dungeons out of 30.

We’re moving fast. The forced containment due to the Coronavirus allows us to work faster (Shadebob Games is a group of part-time developers in normal times). We have completed the first 20 dungeons out of a total of 30, required for the release of the full version of the game.

Stay tuned for more to come!