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Pre shadebob games years

My name is Yanick Bourbeau, a senior software developer. I have played with game development since I was 11 years old (I am 38 now). I was doing small games in mode 13h (320×200), then mode X (320×240) and VESA 1024×768 back in DOS era. I started to learn OPENGL back in 2003 and since then made several engines and prototypes in my spare time.


I released my first game ever at 14 years old. It was called Alphastrike and contained 9 levels. This was a good challenge for me, the game was made using Turbo Pascal (playing around the 16 bits memory limitation) and rendered basic 3D models in software. All models were drawn on square paper first, then translated into x,y,z pairs in a text file edited with MS-DOS editor. Everything was flat-shaded and the sound was horrible (PC Speaker, no sound card). It was released as a freeware on few local BBSs and never really picked up.


I released a web MMORPG made in PHP which had a few hundred players. It was a very liberal port of a BBS game (Solar Realms Elite). You were a galactic emperor fighting to be the most master of the Universe by annihilating other empires. The game was rather complex and no way I was able to balance it in a satisfactory way.


I learned about LIBGDX and switched from my own game engine to just using this library, I also moved from C++ to JAVA. I made a very simple game and release it without much publicity. I was not aware of garbage collection induced problems and created alot of objects in the main while() loop. The game was OK I guess.

Shadebob games is founded during 2015

22 December 2015

I, then, released my first Steam game. My debut project: Infinitrap after 6 months of part-time work. The game was made with LIBGDX and was released on STEAM and PC. I learned very nice things doing so, especially how to reach youtubers and game journalists.


Q1/Q2 2018

A complete remake of the original Infinitrap was released in january 2021, this time it was developed with Unity3D. It was supposed to be a port of the original one to XBox, but I wanted to do a better game along the way. 🙂 The talented artist Stefan Sava joined forces with me to create the best game we could do together. Stefan was soon followed by Chan Walrus as our music artist.

(2 years of development so far)

Infinitrap HD development team

Programmer & Level Design Visual Artist & Level Design Music & SFX Artist
Yanick Bourbeau / cobolfoo Stefan Sava Chan Walrus