Infinitrap 1.0.4 just released!

This version contains a lot of changes. In order to offer a pleasant experience even for more casual players. For example, the character can now hang from the edges instead of falling (when possible). Also, if he gets hit by a projectile, he loses his coins instead of dying instantly. For those who prefer a bigger challenge, the “hardcore” difficulty mode disables these changes.

We wish you a lot of fun 🙂

Complete changelog:

Features / changes:

– You can now grab ledges instead of falling for the first 2 difficulty modes.
– No more insta-death if you have coins, for the first 2 difficulty modes too.
– Scoreboard calculation have changed.
– Scoreboard resetted for campaign dungeons.
– Checkpoints now store keys and coins.
– Crystal skull resets death count.
– Updated run animations.
– Increased range for slide-jumps.
– Vertical jumping is now more forgiving.


– Poisonous gas was not working as expected.
– Prevent corrupted dungeons from freezing the game.
– Hit respawn button while dying was not reloading the dungeon correctly.
– Online dungeon sharing issues.
– Hug statue collision issues.
– Added pain animation for Jack.
– Torch removed while placing items in the editor.
– Main menu gamepad navigation fixes.
– Merfolks were bugged.
– Some mobs now use raycasting to detect player presence.
– Various issues in continue screen.